Yvonne Dunlop
Yvonne Dunlop

Oil on Canvas, 16 x 20, 1981
Yvonne Dunlop Palencia

Yvonne Dunlop
  • UBC Native Indian Teacher Education Program (NITEP) graduate.

“Yvonne taught me about Mother Earth, and the sacred circle, about books such as Seven Arrows, The World’s Rim, Warriors of the Rainbow, and How Great Upon the Mountain. It was the beginning of a great learning experience.” - Patricia Richardson Logie 

Yvonne Dunlop graduated from the University of British Columbia’s Native Indian Teacher Education Program and went on to teach elementary school at Alert Bay. Despite inquiring about the job after the application deadline, she impressed the interviewers so much that she was offered the position, just as her father had once dreamed. Besides teaching at Alert Bay, Dunlop served as a counsellor and co-ordinator for NITEP and worked with the Urban Images project in Vancouver. Called variously “Urban Images for Native Women,” “Urban Images for Aboriginal Peoples” and “Urban Images for First Nations People in the Urban Setting” over the years, the program was founded in 1984 by Marjorie Cantryn-White. It helped First Nations people, particularly women, to prepare themselves for the workforce through education, training and the promotion of positive traditional values. Dunlop was amazingly suited to that program, both as a professional woman, an educator and a Lil’wat still deeply connected to her culture. “Urban Images” improved many women’s lives, giving them a link to their past, a community and a stronger sense of self in the midst of a new urban environment. Dunlop’s sense of culture and personal philosophy enriched the portrait and her sensible, joyful approach to life coloured her career in similarly bright hues.

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