Matthew Hill

Oil on Canvas, 20 x 40, 1984
Matthew Hill, Tha-lathatk
Leader, Fisherman, Counsellor

Matthew Hill
  • From Kitkatla, British Columbia.
  • Elder, Chief Councillor of Kitkatla Band.
  • Hereditary Chief of both the Eagle and Blackfish tribes.
  • Elected President of the Tsimshian Nation.
  • President of the Native Brotherhood in Prince Rupert.

Matthew Hill, a hereditary chief of the Gitxaala (Kitkatla) band in the Tsimshian Nation, is deeply concerned with the sustainable economic future of his people. Hill contributes to his community in many ways, including serving as an Anglican lay reader for his church. Hill believes that fishing and aquaculture offer the best opportunities for development around Kitkatla and Prince Rupert. He hopes that greater activity in the fishing industry, and coastal land and resource management, will improve the economic prospects of northern B.C. First Nations communities. Kitkatla and the surrounding communities continue to debate the merits and risks involved in large-scale commercial fishing, salmon fish-farming, and sustainable aquaculture in B.C.. Hill balances his leadership with his parental, commercial, tribal and religious roles in an attempt to find solutions to the challenges facing Kitkatla.

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