A Promise

Oil on Canvas, 48 x 48, 1985

Vernon Mulvahill
Don Bain
Lori Speck
Eileen Joe
Sadie Morris

A Promise

“On meeting these young people of the Native Youth Program of the University of British Columbia Museum of Anthropology, I was overwhelmed by the feeling of ‘A Promise.’  Vernon Mulvahill, Don Bain, Lori Speck, Eileen Joe and Sadie Morris are a sample of the future.  Each one has a remarkable depth of character and faith. Within them grows a promise that the [First Nations] people will survive as a culture.” - Patricia Richardson Logie

These five young people from the Museum of Anthropology’s Native Youth Program represent the future that the leaders, artists, educators and politicians in this series have worked to create. The stories of pain and struggle, personal triumph and growth remind viewers that the First Nations people of British Columbia have made enormous strides over the past century and continue to build on the legacy of this collection’s heroes and others. Today’s First Nations youth have an ever-growing network of support for their ambitions in education, art, cultural practices and political prowess – both within their local communities and beyond. 

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