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With the memory of Indian residential schools and assimilation fresh in their minds, these individuals were active in promoting and revitalizing their culture within their communities. This category includes educators, linguists and activists.

Revitalists include Uncle Louis Miranda Sxaaltxw, John Williams T’aanuu Kilslaay Git’Kun, Matthew Hill Tha-lathatk and Pauline Waterfall Hilistis.

These individuals were, in some cases, born to be leaders in their communities. This category includes both elected and hereditary chiefs and leaders of bands and nations.

Leaders include Chief Simon Baker, Chief Leonard George, Paul Willie, Guujaaw, Chief Joe Mathias T’echuxánm Siyám, Bill Wilson Hemas Kla-Lee-Lee-Kla and Chief James Gosnell.

These individuals were active in arts and culture in their communities, with some working across the province and internationally. This category includes acting, singing, dancing and performing. Artists include painters, basket makers, weavers and other traditional forms of art.

Cultural Artists include Daphne Odjig, Lyle Wilson, Margo Kane, Dorothy Francis Maquabeak and Walter Harris.

These individuals were active in political reform at a local and national level. This category includes lawyers, judges and political and legal activists.

Reformers include Marjorie Cantryn White, Glen Newman, Grand Chief George Manuel, Judge Alfred Scow, Gloria George and the Honourable Leonard Marchand.

These individuals were active in education, both in their communities and beyond. Some promoted literacy and language revitalization, while others worked to teach and pass on traditional knowledge to the next generation. This category includes teachers, elders, linguists, historians, educators and a group of individuals who were the “promise” of their generation.

Educators include Yvonne Dunlop, Verna Kirkness Ni-jing-jada, Blanche MacDonald, Peggy Shannon, David Gladstone, Brenda Taylor, Mildred Gottfriedson, Robert Sterling, Agnes Alfred (Granny Axu) and the group of Lori Speck, Don Bain, Sadie Morris, Vernon Mulvahill and Eileen Joe.

These individuals were active in commerce and business, and made a future for themselves through business ventures. This category includes businessmen and women.

Entrepreneurs include Vivian Wilson (and Gloria George in the physical exhibit).

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